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   Well, if you’re trying to sell your property yourself to a retail buyer, you’re in for a challenging ride.

When you choose to go the "For Sale By Owner" route it’s likely you’ll encounter a few (if not all) of these issues:

  • The Long Wait

It’s often the case that you won’t be able to finance another house before you sell the one you’re in. But when you sell retail, it takes time to find the right buyer. So you’re essentially stuck in limbo until the perfect buyer comes along.

  • Major Repairs

Retail buyers are picky when they’re looking for their next home. That means, if you want to sell your house, the repairs and upgrades are left for you to do. It can take weeks or months, and cause significant headaches. But, when you sell to an investor, you won’t have to do any of those repairs.

  •   Open houses, Advertising, and Taking Calls

It’s your responsibility to bring the buyer to you, which means that you’re the marketing director for your house sale. You’ll have lots of people looking, and much fewer buying. It’s a total time waster, and an unnecessary one.

  • Paying Two Mortgages

You think you’ll find someone to buy your house quickly, but it can take from 3-6 months, and that’s  if  the buyer qualifies for the loan. So many traditional sales fall through because of financing. If you had to relocate for a job and you’re stuck paying two mortgages that can become a huge financial burden.

  • Finding the CASH to catch up on house payments, or back taxes.  

If you owe any money or have any liens on your house, you will not be able to sell to a retail buyer, but you could sell to an investor. 

Most sellers usually deal with realtors but have never had an exchange with a real estate investor. We’re going to take some of the mystery out of that for you today.

Here are 3 things you can expect when an investor meets you at the property.

 1. They’ll ask for a tour of the property.

 2. You’ll find a place to sit and discuss the sale of the property.

 3. Then they’ll discuss the terms of the sale. Now, investors have a lot of flexibility when it comes to structuring deals because most of them don’t work through traditional bank loans. Because of that you might hear options that you didn’t know were possible or available to you. And all the paperwork is prepared by an Attorney.The beauty of working with an investor is you have creative options to get to your desired solution. If you’re looking for quick and creative solutions to the sale of your property,

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