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Mary Ann Nunez

Mary Ann Nuñez

Legendary Dancer, multi Dance Champion, International Judge / Instructor, Hall of Fame Inductee

     Mary Ann Nuñez is tiny, totally hip, and is rated as one of "the best West Coast Swing dance professionals in the World today." She’s an energetic presence on the workshop and competition dance floor at major dance events across the country and internationally too!.

    Mary Ann’s trademark is her detailed and impressive musical interpretations and style down to the most minuscule flurry or background beat while looking classy and like a lady the whole time. Whatever the music is doing, you’ll see her feet, body isolations and motions reflecting it in perfect timing and rhythm.

    Mary Ann is a master at many styles of dance, not just West Coast Swing and has many years of teaching and competing in West Coast Swing, East Coast Flying Lindy, Carolina Shag, St. Louis Shag, Balboa, Country-Western, Line Dances such as the Electric Slide and Motion Study Line Dances and her Footwork Specialty Line Dances ,, Wedding Dances, The 'Monterey', Night Club Two-Step, Salsa, etc.

   This website will help you to connect and learn a little more about Mary Ann. Here you will find Mary Ann's current teaching and Event Schedule, Contact Info, Find helpful articles or Links on West Coast Swing and other dances, order her Instructional Videos, Watch her Teaching Demos, Links to some of Mary Ann's Favorite Websites, Gift Certificates and much more.

   Mary Ann is from Garden Grove, California, and she’s wildly popular on the competition & workshop circuit both here and abroad. She's available for Privates Dance Lessons, Competition Coaching, Private Group Classes, Event Workshops call: 1-(714) 534-7753 or email her at

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Mary Ann Nunez Basics and Beyond DVD

Basics & Beyond DVD

A West Coast Swing Instructional DVD

   1 1/2 hours of valuable West Coast Swing dance information with many years of experience to share with you on building solid foundations for the Primary Basic Patterns.

   It is designed so you can follow right along as they are demonstrated step-by-step in a clear and easy pace. .

Mary Ann Nunez Syncopations and More Syncopations DVD


A West Coast Swing Instructional DVD

   Over an hour full of fun, easy & challenging West Coast Swing syncopations for both followers and leaders.
   Designed to partner my first video "Basics and Beyond." All syncopations will be executed from basics.

Mary Ann Nunez Inside Rolls and Turns with Doug Silton DVD

Inside Rolls & Underarm Turns

A West Coast Swing Instructional DVD

   'Inside Rolls and Underam Pass variations' to take your dancing to the next level and have more fun while doing it.

   This is a pattern video to increase your pattern content & knowledge and add more 'spice' to your WCS dancing for both Lead and Follow.

Mary Ann Nunez Musicality DVD with Doug Silton

Musicality DVD

A West Coast Swing Instructional DVD

   Everything you need to know about West Coast Swing 'Musicality' packed onto one DVD. Presented by Mary Ann Nunez and Doug Silton. Vol One.

   How you dance, hear and interpret the music can make all the difference. Let the Queen of WCS Interpretation" show you how it's done.

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