Mary Ann Nunez

... WCS Instructional DVD Demo's

Mary Ann Nuñez
... Legendary Dancer, multi Dance Champion, International Judge / Instructor, Hall of Fame Inductee

    On this page you will find a few short West Coast Swing demonstrations from my Video Instructional DVD's below. They are in no particular order but give a brief idea of the quality of dance instruction within them. Easy to follow & precise speech patterns and counting, Visual Aids, Closeups, Leaders and Followers breakdowns and more.

* These demo's are of low-Res quality for internet use only while the DVD's are much more clear and much higher resolution. 

WCS Tuck-Turn demo 

Here is the followers footwork breakdown and rhythm/timing for the 'Tuck-Turn'!

Correct Hand Hold demo

    This small clip shows and explains a partial part to connection starting with the hand hold used for West Coast Swing Dancing

Leaders Footwork Breakdown

   This clip shows some of the 'basic Release Whip' footwork for the leader, You can see the whole thing and more on the DVD, So order today.

Footwork with leg lines demo.

    Here we see a great example of 'Leg-Lines' with proper foot placement and posturing in this popular foot work example.

Shorty George aka Boogie Walks Demo

   In this short demo it shows just the start of the 'Shorty-George' (aka 'Boogie Walks') and the style of the feet and shaping of the legs from a frontal view of the leaders part.

Short Dance Demo of Material

    Here is a short example of how it looks with music.

(All Music is CC Creative Commons Licensing).