Maryann Nunez WCS Basics and Beyond DVD

West Coast Swing DVD
... 'Basics & Beyond'

By Mary Ann Nuñez:
    Legendary Dancer, multi Dance Champion, International Judge / Instructor, Hall of Fame Inductee



"Basics & Beyond"

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       One and a half hours (1-1/2) of valuable West Coast Swing Dance information done with many years of experience to share with you on building solid foundations for the Primary Basic Patterns used in West Coast Swing today. This DVD is designed so you can follow right along as they are being demonstrated step-by-step in a clear and easy pace. Instructional DVD's are a great study/practice tool for all level of dancers.

detailed Instructions also on:

  • Swing Dance Posture,
  • Centering / Body Alignment,
  • WCS Connection,
  • Body Flight,
  • Pulsing and Timing (using rolling counts), "& a 1" ...
  • First-time-ever method displayed in video that will help you execute your primary rhythms and and help you execute critical timing..
  • Slow motions with voice-overs are included as an added feature to help you place special attention to those specific details. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or just want to go back and give your basics a tune-up, this instructional video will be very beneficial to you.

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