Mary Ann Nunez

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Mary Ann Nuñez:
.... Legendary Dancer, multi Dance Champion, International Judge / Instructor, Hall of Fame Inductee

                Mary Ann Nuñez is tiny, totally hip, and is rated as one of "the best West Coast Swing dance professionals in the World today." 

                     ... She’s an energetic presence on the workshop and competition dance floor at major dance events across the country and internationally too!.

  • "It's Mary Ann !!! Who Mario once described as a Miraculous SuperHuman for her freaky telekinetic ability to know what you're going to lead before you've even had the idea." -Liza May
  • 'Bow down to the queen of swing! Mary Ann Nunez' -Joshua Messina
  • 'And you are the Queen!' -Terry Braddock
  • 'You are an Icon to WCS. Love your teaching.' -Virginia Loya
  • 'Mary Ann Nunez you will always be the best!!!' -James Harris
  • 'With all her accomplishments she is still without attitudes and one of the friendlest persons I have ever met! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us . Hope to see you soon' -Christine Tiedge (Berlin, Germany)
  • 'Totally fell in awe with this amazing lady Mary Ann Nunez' -Qudsia Yemisi Ahmed
  • 'Still some of the most awesome footwork out there!!' -Ginger Johnson
  • 'The best thats ever been, changed the dance forever and is still humble, loving, gracious and caring to everyone. Always a lady'!!! -Sonny Watson'
  • 'Hello Mary Ann , you are one of my heroes!' -Judy Duke
  • 'One of the best dancers ever in the WCS world ... Mary Ann Nunez' -Tim Allman
  • 'She is the "bestest" ever! -Sandra Richardson
  • 'Mary Ann is the queen of WCS in my book!. -MaryEllen Smith
  • 'The amazing and beautiful Mary Ann Nunez' -Malia San Nicolas
  • 'Smoooooooooooooooth.' -Michael Espinoza
  • 'Doesn't matter who this woman dances with.. you'll never notice as you try to figure out how she does the things she does. The best in the world.' -Weebonilass
  • 'I found both Skippy and Mary Ann Nunez to be delightful in their teaching approach and both had zero and I mean Zero arrogance even though their resumes could surely justify such. Their love for dance and teaching supersede personal pride. That was refreshing!' -Scott Sarver
  • 'Learning from the queen herself.' -Dan Yamamato
  • 'I got to dance with her for the first time at Phoenix. Pretty sure I've never been so intimidated in my life, and she was so sweet!' -Michael Mathieu
  • 'Mary Ann Nunez is one great teacher and lady that inspired me to be a better dancer.' -Mike Tai
  • 'I met her in the early 80's and she has been my idol ever since.' -Patricia Messig
  • 'It was an honor and sincere pleasure to have you right here in Rapid City teaching us more about the art of Dance! Thanks a MILLION!' -Debbie Ellerton
  • 'Mary Ann! I met you at a dance in SO Cal in 1998 and you were so humble, gracious, and kind! You've always been my favorite dancer, and I hope you make your way to Phoenix with your intensive one day, cuz I'll be there!!!' -Laura AZswing